Legal Issues and Costs

Residents are not tenants but are beneficiaries of the Charity and occupy an almshouse under license. They pay a Maintenance Contribution (MC) towards the administration of the Charity, the Warden’s services and the upkeep of the properties. The MC charged takes into account the size and amenities provided for each property. Residents pay their Maintenance Contributions by Standing Order each calendar month. MCs are reviewed annually and any change is implemented from the 1st April each year.

Residents are also responsible for their own Council Tax, Gas, Electricity, Water supplies and telephone charges. A communal Television license is held by the Charity which covers the Jubilee Room and all residents over 75 years of age.

Because the administration of the Charity is largely carried out by the volunteer Governors, the monthly Maintenance Contributions are significantly less than the assessment of Equivalent Fair Rents for the Reigate area.

There are very few car parking spaces available on each site and these are allocated according to the greatest need at an additional monthly charge. Residents who own a car but have not been allocated a parking space on site must park on the public highway.